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Leads Delivered Directly To Your Law Firm's Telephone...
We understand that your law firm survives on leads, and I’d like to deliver a supply of online leads to you.

These leads are online consumers who are searching for the very same service that you offer when they need it, and just need to find the right company.
Video and Social Marketing Lead Generation Program
What is it and why should you use it?

? Video lead generation is focused on using the power of videos to grow your business.
? The videos we create can gather leads every week and stay ranked month after month.
? People are conversing about your type of service on social media. We find them for you and engage with them.
? Many consumers would rather watch an informative and compelling short video than read text.
? Video is an ideal marketing tool as it can communicate key points to the target audience very quickly.
? With our proven knowledge and expertise in online and video and social media marketing, you WILL capture attention.

Our Live Video and Social Marketing Lead Generation service is a unique Pay Per Call Marketing program. Our team of internet marketing professionals officially launched the program after test phases in January of 2016. Ever since that time, businesses that have signed up for the Live Video Lead program continue to renew and enjoy the results that each is receiving.
It truly is a no brainer when it comes to lead generation marketing. Your company pays a small setup fee, and you can expect qualified calls month in and month out.
The leads are exclusive to your business.
They call you!
Other lead generation sources provide the same leads to 3-5+ other businesses and you wind up chasing the lead.
The purpose of our Live Video and Social Marketing Lead Generation service is to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of internet marketing for business owners.
Law firms no longer have to worry about finding a PPC structure that works, bogus lead sources, or directories that don’t pay off.
When you buy into our Live Video and Social Marketing Lead Generation program, you pay a small setup fee and then only pay for quality leads.
You are *GUARANTEED quality calls.
You pay at the end of each month ONLY FOR THE QUALIFIED LEADS!
Our leads are exclusive to our client-each lead we generate is only provided to one client.
High Retention Rate-current clients love the service and continue with us.
WE DELIVER RESULTS-Our Performance is *Guaranteed!

Here is what to expect from our Live Video and Social Marketing Lead Generation program

We only count quality calls
Exclusive leads-each lead is only sent to one business!
read more No chasing leads like other lead generation programs
This is NOT a PPC program-we do not compete with any PPC program you are currently running
Pay Per Click costs hundreds to thousands of dollars each month with
NO GUARANTEE your PPC campaigns will be effective. PPC Cost Per Lead is unpredictable!
We do NOT count solicitation or duplicate calls
We DO NOT count calls outside your practice area
No long term contract and campaign to campaign billing
You are in control of quantity of leads
Market click here Limits-We serve one business of your type in your location
Direct call from our lead generation platform
Online access and reporting daily
No Minimum order
You are invoiced at the end of each 30 day billing cycle for quality leads delivered
Not happy with a lead? Just let us know and we won’t count it!
You may cancel your program at any time after the initial campaign-renewals are NOT automatic

How Do We *Guarantee Leads and Deliver Them To Your Law Firm?

Videos can be ranked in Google search results quickly if you know how to do video seo.
There is a higher engagement rate with videos.
We will rank videos in Google’s results that include a tracking phone number in the title as well as the video itself.
Each video on Google can generate 5-10+ calls/month depending on the number of monthly searches for the keyword phrase in your location.
Social posting has been generating 25-50 calls/month depending on the number of monthly search for the keyword phrase in your location.
We create and post multiple videos for each client that are keyword and geotargeted.
We create and post multiple video social posts for each client that are keyword and geotargeted.
We optimize the video on Facebook and other social networking sites.
People talk about your type of service on social networks. We listen and engage.
**90 % of users say “SEEING A VIDEO” about a service or product is helpful in their decision process.
**Viewers Retain 95% of a message by WATCHING VIDEOS!
**After a Video is Viewed, 64% of online viewers are more likely to want, and ask about, your services!
(**Google, 2015 Survey)

Attorney Call Leads Currently Available For:

Criminal / DUI Law
Labor & Employment Law
Workers Compensation
Tax Law
Family Law/ Divorce
Personal Injury

Simple pricing models
(contact us for information on our pricing models-cost per call or flat fee program)
How To Get Started?

Are you ready to take your law firm to the next level of online marketing?
Are you ready to give up the wasted dollars spent on your print ads?
Are you ready to talk to one of our Attorney Marketing Experts?
Complete our no obligation Request For Quote and one of our Marketing Experts will contact you. Better yet, call our Toll Free number 1-855-943-8736.

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